Microsoft use Git for internal source control

Excellent article on how Microsoft surprisingly uses TFS/Git to manage their internal codebase covering Windows for PC, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, HoloLens, Xbox, IOT.

Microsoft have created a new Windows based technology called a file-system filter driver (similar to a FUSE driver in Linux) in order to develop a Git Virtual Filesystem which virtualizes the file system underneath your repository and makes it appear as though all the files in your repository are present, but in reality only downloads a file the first time it is opened (sparse file). This allows developers to manage the 300GB codebase with ease.

Further reading:

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AWS Cloud Directory

Store objects in a customised and managed directory service using AWS Cloud Directory.

Scales easily to 100s of millions of objects, create multiple hierarchies, API, no software patching, no servers or infrastructure to manage.

Not sure why AWS never release new services immediately in EU Frankfurt, so if you use that region, then you need to wait until this is rolled out.

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Linux Conf Au 2017 Videos

Around 150 videos from the Linux Conf Au have been uploaded to YouTube on every conceivable topic possible from the Kernel to OpenStack to IoT to Gaming.

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Deploying MongoDB on Azure with Bitnami

Very easy to deploy multiple stacks quickly using Bitnami directly from Azure Marketplace or AWS Marketplace or on Google Cloud Platform.

Bitnami currently has around 150 applications to choose from.

Great interview again from The New Stack.

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KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Received a “KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” from Amazon for Christmas.

Specs : The frequency range is 60Hz to 20KHz, supports BlueTooth, NFC, has a 12-hour playback time and charging is via a Micro USB port.

Tested with VOX, a good FLAC Player on my MacBook Pro and disabled Boom2 (great for use with built-in MacBook speakers) as we’re playing FLAC files.

The BlueTooth pairing worked perfectly when tested with my Android 6.0 phone and my MacBook Pro unlike the many problems experienced with my Bose SoundLink II.

The audio quality is so good that they make the Bose SoundLink II irrelevant. Bearing in mind their small size, they handle bass beautifully and the higher notes too.

You can even pair 2 speakers together for party mode.

There is an Android app to manage the KEF MUO.


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Kubernetes Supports Windows Server 2016 Containers

Kubernetes 1.5 introduces alpha support for both Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.

Also, you can run containerized multiplatform applications, where applications can now be deployed on both Linux and Windows Server 2016.

An upcoming feature in Kubernetes will be to deploy to any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP).

As an interesting sidenote: Windows Containers offer isolation through namespace and process isolation whilst Hyper-V Containers isolate each container via a lightweight VM.

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Docker Internals

Deep dive into Docker covering cgroups (control groups), Networking, Security, Types of Containers, Images & Layers, Docker API and more with many references into articles providing further information.

bane is worth investigating, if your using Ubuntu and want to generate custom AppArmor profiles.

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