Docker Internals

Deep dive into Docker covering cgroups (control groups), Networking, Security, Types of Containers, Images & Layers, Docker API and more with many references into articles providing further information.

bane is worth investigating, if your using Ubuntu and want to generate custom AppArmor profiles.

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New Azure Training from Microsoft

Six new *free* courses on Azure are now available and 6 more will be added in the next few weeks.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks
Microsoft Azure Identity
Microsoft Azure Storage
Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts

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AWS re:Invent 2016 – Product Announcements

New Product Announcements from AWS re:Invent 2016.

There are expected to be around 1,000 new features this year, added to AWS.

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Open Source : Apple Releases macOS 10.12 Sierra source code

Apple has released the macOS 10.12 Sierra source code. This comprises the kernel, BSD portions, and drivers as well as the Open Source Reference Library and developer tools.

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Check the latency to each AWS region

 ./awsping -repeats 3 -verbose 2
      Code            Region                             Try #1          Try #2          Try #3     Avg Latency
    0 ap-southeast-1  Asia Pacific (Singapore)         39.19 ms        41.91 ms        45.95 ms        42.35 ms
    1 ap-northeast-1  Asia Pacific (Tokyo)            126.46 ms       126.30 ms       126.70 ms       126.48 ms
    2 ap-south-1      Asia Pacific (Mumbai)           194.46 ms       200.93 ms       194.57 ms       196.65 ms
    3 us-west-1       US-West (California)            207.53 ms       217.94 ms       213.25 ms       212.91 ms
    4 ap-northeast-2  Asia Pacific (Seoul)            224.38 ms       231.25 ms       220.76 ms       225.46 ms
    5 us-west-2       US-West (Oregon)                223.53 ms       231.39 ms       232.69 ms       229.20 ms
    6 eu-central-1    Europe (Frankfurt)              230.18 ms       236.82 ms       232.48 ms       233.16 ms
    7 eu-west-1       Europe (Ireland)                238.20 ms       233.93 ms       236.96 ms       236.36 ms
    8 ap-southeast-2  Asia Pacific (Sydney)           260.68 ms       258.01 ms       259.56 ms       259.42 ms
    9 us-east-2       US-East (Ohio)                  265.89 ms       273.83 ms       268.23 ms       269.32 ms
   10 us-east-1       US-East (Virginia)              273.08 ms       282.81 ms       281.63 ms       279.17 ms
   11 sa-east-1       South America (São Paulo)       404.90 ms       406.08 ms       403.21 ms       404.73 ms

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Azure Container Registry – Public Preview

Public preview of the Azure Container Registry will be available on November 14 and will be compatible with Docker Registry.

There will also be the introduction of Kubernetes as a supported orchestrator in Azure Container Service (ACS)

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Skype for Business – Mac Client

Skype for Business – Mac Client is finally out of preview and generally available, so i’ll be spending a lot more time on MacOS.

Skype for Business annoucnes Mac Client

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