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Just read a fantastic article on ScyllaDB from the folks at The New stack which probes into the pros and cons of this NoSQL wide column store. What I like most about ScyllaDB is that it’s : Wrote in C++ … Continue reading

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Fosdem 2017 Videos

Over 400 free videos from talks given given by open source software developers at Fosdem 2017 which was held in Brussels on 4 & 5 February 2017. Fosdem is the Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting. One of … Continue reading

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Centralised Version Control Repositories

I received an interesting job advertisement today asking for experience with a bunch of centralised version control repositories covering the following systems, which inspired me to deepen my knowledge. Version Control Server Software Gitlab EE – Git repository management, … Continue reading

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Google Authenticator

After a user has entered their username and password (step 1) to login to a website, Google Authenticator is a two-step authentication system that uses a software token on a device such as a smartphone or tablet for additional authentication … Continue reading

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Script to use Google Custom Search

I’ve just wrote a script which performs a ‘search query’ using “Google’s Custom Search” and uploaded it to GitHub. I’ve found it useful to perform quick authenticated Google searches from the command-line… There is room for improvement, if you can … Continue reading

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PDF to text using OCR Software

I received a flyer from a friend in PDF format and wanted to convert it from German to English so that I could read it, using a quick technical solution. I could’nt find the text in ascii format in the … Continue reading

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