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Linux Conf Au 2017 Videos

Around 150 videos from the Linux Conf Au have been uploaded to YouTube on every conceivable topic possible from the Kernel to OpenStack to IoT to Gaming. Advertisements

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Docker Internals

Deep dive into Docker covering cgroups (control groups), Networking, Security, Types of Containers, Images & Layers, Docker API and more with many references into articles providing further information. bane is worth investigating, if your using Ubuntu and want to … Continue reading

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DTrace-like Toolsuite on Linux

Brendan Gregg has wrote some tools using Linux’s BPF and bcc, to create a DTrace-like toolsuite. The D language does not yet exist, however you can now perform realtime dynamic kernel and user tracing using bcc. Will be interesting to … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Kernel Live Patching

You can now apply kernel patches on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS without re-booting by using the Canonical Live Patching service. You need to be aware of the following, if you want to use this service in production. * You can use … Continue reading

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Boot Linux in your browser

v86 emulates an x86-compatible CPU and hardware so that you can boot a Linux kernel within your browser and then save / load the state. Linux 3.x You can even boot OpenBSD, very impressive work. Here is the link … Continue reading

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Red Hat Developer Program with No-Cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscription

If your a software developer, you can now use certain Red Hat products at no-charge through a developer subscription. More information is available here. You’ll gain access to the following products: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Red Hat JBoss Middleware … Continue reading

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Synchronous REST turns microservices back into monolithic applications

Great article.. The majority of microservice architectures arn’t really what they claim. “If you are breaking down a monolithic legacy application into a set of microservices, and if those microservices are communicating via REST (Representational State Transfer), then you still … Continue reading

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