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ACS Supports Windows Based Kubernetes nodes running Windows Containers

You can now create Windows based Kubernetes infrastructure using ACS. The Kubernetes master node runs on Linux and the agent nodes run Windows. This service is currently in preview mode.

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Docker Swarm on Windows Server 2016

You can use Docker Swarm Mode on Windows Server 2016 which requires the overlay network driver. Install patch KB4015217 to add in this functionality. As part of KB4015217 HNS requires that IPv6 is enabled on Windows container hosts. Snipped from the … Continue reading

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Container Performance Analysis

Brendan Gregg explains how to troubleshoot performance issues with containers at DockerCon 2017. Some in-depth troubleshooting tips here, excellent technical content, well worth watching more than once. The CPU Bottleneck identification chart is very useful (slide 49) for methodology. Here’s … Continue reading

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Kubernetes Supports Windows Server 2016 Containers

Kubernetes 1.5 introduces alpha support for both Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers. Also, you can run containerized multiplatform applications, where applications can now be deployed on both Linux and Windows Server 2016. An upcoming feature in Kubernetes … Continue reading

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Docker Internals

Deep dive into Docker covering cgroups (control groups), Networking, Security, Types of Containers, Images & Layers, Docker API and more with many references into articles providing further information. bane is worth investigating, if your using Ubuntu and want to … Continue reading

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Unprivileged Containers

Nice to see container security being improved. This work is overdue and much needed. proof-of-concept unprivileged container

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