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Azure Announcements from Microsoft Build 2017

Tons of new features on Azure have been announced at Build 2017. Advertisements

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Sysdig Monitor

I was recently looking at “sysdig monitor” (previously named sysdig cloud) and was impressed by this products list of features. Deep container monitoring in realtime, peer deep inside containers to view latency stats, read logs and view process consumption via … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing in Asia

This is a fascinating report, which details the SME market for Cloud Computing in Asia.

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Containerized Jenkins in AWS on ECS Stelligent have provided a CloudFormation template to create this too, quite impressive!

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Synchronous REST turns microservices back into monolithic applications

Great article.. The majority of microservice architectures arn’t really what they claim. “If you are breaking down a monolithic legacy application into a set of microservices, and if those microservices are communicating via REST (Representational State Transfer), then you still … Continue reading

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Microservice Architecture

A brilliant talk on the monolithic application vs microservice approach towards software architecture by Martin Fowler, check it out here.

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SAWS – A Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

SAWS is a useful, time saving wrapper to the AWS CLI which provides auto-completion of AWS resources.

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