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Microsoft SQL Server in container format for Windows and Linux

Here are some links for Microsoft SQL Server in container format and some example command line options to get it working. Docker Store will soon be the primary location for discovering and obtaining public Docker images and content, including Official … Continue reading

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Katacoda is a great, free, interactive learning resource which strives to teach through learning by doing, i.e. following exercises via web based terminals. There are over 40 labs available covering topics such as TensorFlow, Traefik, Core/OS, DC/OS, Docker, Docker Swarm, … Continue reading

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Keynote Videos from Open Source Summit in Los Angeles I’ve picked out a few which look really interesting. Building .NET Core Microservices with Steeltoe – Zach Brown & Matthew Horan, Pivotal What You Should Know about Etcd v3 – Paul Burt & Elsie Phillips, CoreOS Modular Overlay Networking … Continue reading

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AWS Network Load Balancer (NLB)

AWS Network Load Balancer (NLB) replaces Classic Load Balancer (ELB) and provides a much needed upgrade. The top link explains the use case between ALB, NLB and Classic Load Balancer. Snippets from the feature list, have been pasted below : … Continue reading

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Manifest – Store and query arbitrary metadata for Docker images

Manifest is a tool which lets users store and query arbitrary metadata for Docker images. You can also store security information with the container metadata, such as : Managing QA approval status – Passed, Failed Storing security profiles for an … Continue reading

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Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06

Define custom roles – Define granular access to resources including API operations to allow i.e. define a custom role which allows network operations and another for volume operations RBAC for nodes (requires an Advanced License) – Which users and teams … Continue reading

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Vitalik Buterin Keynote [Official Ethereum Singapore meetup link] Aug 16, 2017

Updates on Metropolis, Sharding, Casper

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