Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06

Define custom roles – Define granular access to resources including API operations to allow i.e. define a custom role which allows network operations and another for volume operations

RBAC for nodes (requires an Advanced License)
– Which users and teams can deploy to which node in the cluster
– i.e. DEV Team can deploy to a set of systems labelled as DEV

Mixed Swarm Clusters
Linux and Windows workers in the same cluster

    [node.platform.os == linux]
    [node.platform.os == windows]

Promotion Pipelines (requires an Advanced License)
– If a container in the DEV repo, scanned with DTR, then promote to Production repo and relabel the tag

Immutable Repos – Tag repo’s as immutable so that you can’t accidentally delete images
– Can’t overwrite a container due to an update

Multi-stage builds – Write a single Docker file with multiple FROM instructions
– Results in smaller images

New UI
– Faster and better designed

Public API for UCP Features

Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) now scans Windows containers

Support for Z Systems

Telemetry support Included and enabled on Ubuntu Can be disabled

 docker plugin disable telemetry

The new release includes UCP 2.2 and DTR 2.3

And more new features …’s_New_in_Docker_EE_17.06%3F

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