KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Received a “KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” from Amazon for Christmas.

Specs : The frequency range is 60Hz to 20KHz, supports BlueTooth, NFC, has a 12-hour playback time and charging is via a Micro USB port.

Tested with VOX, a good FLAC Player on my MacBook Pro and disabled Boom2 (great for use with built-in MacBook speakers) as we’re playing FLAC files.

The BlueTooth pairing worked perfectly when tested with my Android 6.0 phone and my MacBook Pro unlike the many problems experienced with my Bose SoundLink II.

The audio quality is so good that they make the Bose SoundLink II irrelevant. Bearing in mind their small size, they handle bass beautifully and the higher notes too.

You can even pair 2 speakers together for party mode.

There is an Android app to manage the KEF MUO.


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