Windows Subsystem for Linux

I was watching some Microsoft Build 2016 Conference videos and I came across the Running BASH on Ubuntu on Windows presentation.

I’d already read about this very interesting development in my daily dose of tech news, however the tech journals that I had read did’nt quite do the news the justice that it rightly deserved because it’s far bigger than BASH being able to run on Windows, ELF binaries can now run on Ubuntu on Windows requiring no re-compilation.

So not only BASH runs on Ubuntu on Windows through Linux syscall to Windows syscall translation, but so does Python, Ruby, git and apt-get… yes, apt-get runs on Windows 10 making thousands of packages available!

The following commands work : apt, ssh, rsync, find, grep, awk, sed, sort, xargs, md5sum, gpg, curl, wget, apache, mysql, python, perl, ruby, php, gcc, tar, vim, emacs, diff, patch.

Looking forward to more exciting developments in this area over the coming months!

Instructions for usage here : and here : and here :

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