BitCoin Hardware Wallet

CryptoLabs LLC will release their hardware BitCoin wallet this year called Case. Apart from being a fully functional wallet that allows you to send and receive BitCoin, I think that this is an exciting development for the following reasons.

  • Case does not require a phone or laptop as it’s a fully standalone device and therefore is more secure as virus/worms/trojans etc can’t so easily affect it, like with a mobile phone or OS
  • Case has it’s own dedicated GSM chip and in-built SIM card which works across 100 mobile carriers in over 60 countries
  • Camera to scan the BitCoin addresses in QR code format
  • The device has a fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication
  • No ports on the device so that the firmware can’t be tampered with (extra secure)
  • There are 3 private keys for each user. One stored on the device, one on a server and one in cold storage(offline vault). Two of these keys are required for signing a transaction
  • Multi-signature and deterministic wallet


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