RedHat Summit 2014 Presentations

I’ve spent some time over the Easter period viewing numerous presentations from the RedHat Summit 2014 held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, California.

I had thought along with many other people that RHEL 7 final would be released during the summit, but it was not to be. I then realised that I am glad that it was’nt. But why you ask ? Because it’s better to have software that has gone through the full software development lifecycle so to be tested and certified by vendors, than to skip a step, in order to meet an unrealistic deadline or expectation. There are some major new features integrated into this release such as deploying Linux containers using Docker, support for 40Gb Ethernet, XFS, performance enhancements including better tooling, Linux Kernel 3.10 so it’s worth the wait.

It’s good to know that at least one company is responsibly publishing tested and certified software to their userbase instead of rushing it to market. In this case, history is not repeating itself.

There are many videos, here are a few :

2014 Red Hat Summit: Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap — Part 1

2014 Red Hat Summit: Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap — Part 2

2014 Red Hat Summit: Application Centric Packaging with Docker and Linux Containers

Here are a few final links :
Project Atomic

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